06 05 2015

A few months back I got to shoot with PnKi and DaBruin from fuck-knows-what-to-call-it-genre-of-music outfit BFAKE for the Red Bulletin Magazine. The guys are also involved a Cape Flats skateboard movement /brand called 20sk8. I got to hang out with the guys whilst in the process of recording their new album which they’ve just released in Holland. They sent me through the video. Give it a listen.. it’s unlike anything you know and it’s catchy. Some of the tracks I got a sneak peak to were really dope and I look forward to hearing them fully mastered. Anyway’s check them out and watch them live. Just don’t take it seriously, or do, be yourself I guess. I’m lost and rambling again. arrrgh… here are some photos:

TB_20150220_BFAKE_0144 TB_20150219_BFAKE_0289 TB_20150220_BFAKE_0028 TB_20150408_20SK8_0185 TB_20150408_20SK8_0203

Here are a few shots from my Saturday night at the Red Bull stage at this years Oppikoppi. Not as conceptual as the Snapshot Symphony but still managed to have fun testing out my new Nikon 14-24mm lens. Also have a couple of shots of Zebra and Giraffe coming out in the Red Bulletin magazine. Will share those next month. Next up though is the Red Bull X-Fighters in Pretoria this weekend which I am really looking forward to.

TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0170 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0381 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0415 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0373 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0336 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0319 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0307 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0270 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0229 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0214 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0192  TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0150

TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0050 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0228