06 05 2015

A few months back I got to shoot with PnKi and DaBruin from fuck-knows-what-to-call-it-genre-of-music outfit BFAKE for the Red Bulletin Magazine. The guys are also involved a Cape Flats skateboard movement /brand called 20sk8. I got to hang out with the guys whilst in the process of recording their new album which they’ve just released in Holland. They sent me through the video. Give it a listen.. it’s unlike anything you know and it’s catchy. Some of the tracks I got a sneak peak to were really dope and I look forward to hearing them fully mastered. Anyway’s check them out and watch them live. Just don’t take it seriously, or do, be yourself I guess. I’m lost and rambling again. arrrgh… here are some photos:

TB_20150220_BFAKE_0144 TB_20150219_BFAKE_0289 TB_20150220_BFAKE_0028 TB_20150408_20SK8_0185 TB_20150408_20SK8_0203