August, 2014

I have one of the best jobs in the world and believe me I appreciate it. Working with a client like Red Bull I’m constantly put into the most stimulating environments with the most inspiring of people. A double whammy of awesomeness sets the stage on which I work. It’s a team effort when it comes to Red Bull. I can only shoot what is in front of me and for that I give a huge shout out to the team that makes it all happen.

That brings us to Red Bull X-Fighters. The Union Buildings in Pretoria played host to the final round of the 2014 X-Fighters season with a closely contested race for the title between Josh Sheehan of Australia and Levi Sherwood of New Zealand. Due to a hard crash and a seriously tweaked ankle during the qualifiers, Levi Sherwood was unable to compete properly and it was Josh Sheehan who took both the stage and series win.

For the full report check out:

Here are some of my shots from the event….

XF_ZA_TB_0001 XF_ZA_TB_0002 XF_ZA_TB_0003 XF_ZA_TB_0004 XF_ZA_TB_0005 XF_ZA_TB_0006 XF_ZA_TB_0007 XF_ZA_TB_0008 XF_ZA_TB_0009 XF_ZA_TB_0010 XF_ZA_TB_0011 XF_ZA_TB_0012 XF_ZA_TB_0013 XF_ZA_TB_0014 XF_ZA_TB_0015 XF_ZA_TB_0016 XF_ZA_TB_0017 XF_ZA_TB_0018 XF_ZA_TB_0019 XF_ZA_TB_0020 XF_ZA_TB_0021 XF_ZA_TB_0022 XF_ZA_TB_0023 XF_ZA_TB_0024 XF_ZA_TB_0025 XF_ZA_TB_0026 XF_ZA_TB_0027


Here are a few shots from my Saturday night at the Red Bull stage at this years Oppikoppi. Not as conceptual as the Snapshot Symphony but still managed to have fun testing out my new Nikon 14-24mm lens. Also have a couple of shots of Zebra and Giraffe coming out in the Red Bulletin magazine. Will share those next month. Next up though is the Red Bull X-Fighters in Pretoria this weekend which I am really looking forward to.

TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0170 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0381 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0415 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0373 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0336 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0319 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0307 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0270 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0229 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0214 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0192  TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0150

TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0050 TB_20140810_OPPIKOPPI_0228


05 08 2014

I’ve been shooting Wrangler’s lookbooks for a while now and this one has been my favourite to date. A small team, an early morning and a remote location found via a trance party in the middle of nowhere were the recipe for a great days shoot. This was Craig Maxwell Webster’s first time modelling and if I were in an old hollywood production I’d have told him “you did good kid”. Craig is one cool cat, he lives an inspiring approach to life – As his instagram bio reads, “I assist photographers to make money, I make money to buy petrol, I burn petrol to make my life an adventure” . Knowing Craig is an adventure in itself. Oh the stories he can tell….

TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0067 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0091 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0180 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0205 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0294 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0305 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0339 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0397 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0609 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0718 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_0876 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1008 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1379 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1407 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1462 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1500 TB_20140708_WRANGLER_1561