35mm Film

This year started out full speed and has had me trying to play catchup since. I’ve been to Mauritius, watched my best friend get married to his soulmate in the garden of their house surrounded by more colour than a Holi Fest and¬†recently I worked on a stills shoot for Staud Studios via Orange Films and had one of the most inspiring work trips of my life. I took along my Nikon F90X (my first camera) and two roles of TMax 400 B&W film and fired off a few snaps along the way. Great thing about having a blog, even though I hardly keep it updated enough, is that I have a place to publish things like this. Makes spending the money of the film that much more worth it. So here’s some analogue glimpses into my past.


TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0002 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0003 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0004 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0012 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0014 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0015 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0017 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0019 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0020 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0024 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0025 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0026 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0027 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0028 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0031 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0033 TB_20150317_ORANGE_AMG_0036 TB_20150318_ORANGE_AMG_0009 TB_20150318_ORANGE_AMG_0016  TB_20150318_ORANGE_AMG_0023