If you’re flying aboard British Airways this month and you grab the latest High Life Magazine you’ll see the feature written by Angus Powers, which  I shot with this year’s Red Bull BC One African Cypher winner Bboy Meaty. I shot the feature on the new Hasselblad X1D mirrorless camera which Sunshine Co so graciously trusted me with and I must say I fell in love with that camera, as in I got separation anxiety after handing it back. It might not be the most suited camera for shooting action stuff, which Meaty will confirm after I made him repeat his moves over and over again until I became one with the delay in the shutter but man, is it a beautiful piece of equipment. The touchscreen display is so intuitive and easy to use and the general feel of the camera is so solid and that shutter sound is just the cherry on top. Working with such large resolution your focus has to be on point and the peaking display really is invaluable here and makes manual focusing such a breeze. Thanks for letting me jam with your baby Hasselblad South Africa – I wouldn’t have trusted me 😉


Meaty_01 Meaty_02 Meaty_03 Meaty_04 Meaty_05


Here are some extra images that never made the cut which I still like:

B0009785 B0009796 B0010228


And this is the camera (didn’t have anyone else to shoot me with camera so took these off Hasselblad’s website)


Hasselblad_X1DHasselblad_X1D_02 Hasselblad_X1D_03


A few weeks back the awesome folks at Sunshine Company (The distributors and rental agents for Hasselblad, ProFoto, Sirui and Black Rapid) offered me the chance to shoot some skateboarding with all of this:

Hasselblad and ProFoto gear for Cape Town secret bowl skateboarding session

So I gathered up these scoundrels: (FLTR: Justus Kotze, Wong, Ryder Nel, Yann Horowitz and Chris Cab)

Justus Kotze, Chris Cab, Yann Horowitz, Ryder Nel, Jimmy Watts

And took them to this secret bowl…


Now comes the part where I share the images even though I’m not entirely happy with them. I mean, I really feel we got great shots but I really wanted this shoot to produce some of my finest work. I thought I had the perfect location, the perfect crew and the perfect equipment but it didn’t work out that way. This was my second time shooting with the Hasselblad H4D-50 and first time shooting with the Profoto B1’s. It was also my first time shooting at this location and I totally misjudged the sun’s trajectory so we ended up having the harshest light throwing mottled shadows all over the bowl for most of the afternoon. Essentially, everything was different and difficult and I couldn’t rely on anything I normally would. I didn’t know what power I could push the lights to and still freeze motion. I couldn’t find the angles in the bowl because the sun was limiting us and more than anything shooting with a Hasselblad is nothing like shooting with a DSLR.

Chris Cab grinds the cradle as only a mad man would

Chris Cab grinds the cradle as only a madman can.

When shooting with DSLRs I don’t think we realise how reliant we are on the LCD screens. That little LCD screen on our DSLRs makes our workflow so much quicker than you know and with the Hasselblad that speed comes to an abrupt halt. At 75mb per image the images take what feels like a lifetime to display on the screen. What makes things worse is the resolution on the Hasselblad screen is not ideal. You really want to shoot tethered to a computer using this camera as only then can you really see what’s happening. That or know how to read your histograms accurately. I was just unprepared. I know what this camera is capable of and I plan to get even with it. Right now we sit with a score of Hasselblad 1 – Tyrone nil but there will be a rematch!

The resolution of the Hasselblad is insane. Check the uncropped image of Justus Kotze with an oh so stylish crail slide, followed by a 100% zoom of the image. Impressive, no?

Justus Kotze crail slides the deep end


The Profoto B1 lights were really great. I want to do some more tests to see if I can get them to hyper sync with my pocket wizards but their ability to freeze motion with decent power output is awesome and with everything being built into the head itself you don’t have cables. They’re basically speedlights on steroids. So here are the remaining shots from the day. I am already planning my revenge on that Hasselblad. It won’t get the better of me next time!!!

Justus Kotze Crail Slide Yann Horowitz Yann Horowitz Chris Cab cradle of filth

Thanks to all the skateboarders, the secret bowl amigo, Michael North, Willem Foster and Hendre Louw for making this happen.