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If you’re flying aboard British Airways this month and you grab the latest High Life Magazine you’ll see the feature written by Angus Powers, which  I shot with this year’s Red Bull BC One African Cypher winner Bboy Meaty. I shot the feature on the new Hasselblad X1D mirrorless camera which Sunshine Co so graciously trusted me with and I must say I fell in love with that camera, as in I got separation anxiety after handing it back. It might not be the most suited camera for shooting action stuff, which Meaty will confirm after I made him repeat his moves over and over again until I became one with the delay in the shutter but man, is it a beautiful piece of equipment. The touchscreen display is so intuitive and easy to use and the general feel of the camera is so solid and that shutter sound is just the cherry on top. Working with such large resolution your focus has to be on point and the peaking display really is invaluable here and makes manual focusing such a breeze. Thanks for letting me jam with your baby Hasselblad South Africa – I wouldn’t have trusted me 😉


Meaty_01 Meaty_02 Meaty_03 Meaty_04 Meaty_05


Here are some extra images that never made the cut which I still like:

B0009785 B0009796 B0010228


And this is the camera (didn’t have anyone else to shoot me with camera so took these off Hasselblad’s website)


Hasselblad_X1DHasselblad_X1D_02 Hasselblad_X1D_03


10 03 2017



Lately, I’ve been feeling like I don’t play enough with my photography. My style of shooting has predominantly been influenced by the jobs I’ve been shooting which usually entails multiple angles and a daunting shot list. It’s meant that using flash at events would slow me down and I wouldn’t meet my requirements.


In February the opportunity to experiment with flashes presented itself so I jumped at it. DARK FEST, Sam Reynolds’ contribution to the FEST Series calender, saw eight of the best MTB Freeriders in the world gather at the Garden Route Trail Park where Sam Reynolds and co had built some of the biggest jumps in the world. Imagine rolling in from a 70ft tower and hitting a jump at around 80km/h and you have an idea of how these guys are pushing the limits.


I really need to take this opportunity to thank Pieter Badenhorst of Photo Hire. He gave me the warmest and most encouraging welcome when I arrived in Cape Town and has gone out of his way to let me experiment with the Broncolor lights he distributes. The original plan was to shoot with two Broncolor Siros 800w lights however they weren’t available on the day, so instead he let me take the Broncolor Move 1200w pack with Air Sync so I could shoot at faster speeds. I’m usually a two lights kind of guy so it was refreshing figuring out how best to use one head. I’m still trying to get my head around the Hi-Sync physics but after a while I started to figure what works and what doesn’t.

Below is the result. Not my finest work but a great lesson and experience. Shout out to Ryan Franklin and the rest of the crew for putting on such a great event.













TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0001 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0002 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0003 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0004 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0005


TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0006 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0007 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0008 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0009 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0010  TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0012 TB_20170211_DARK_FEST_0013


I shot some portraits last week of a gaming crew called F3AR Ad3PT who play Call Of Duty. It’s quite an obvious approach but I figured it’d be fun to light them from underneath as if lit by laptop / tablet etc. It’s also the way comic book villains are lit which makes it kind of relevant if you consider these guys are killing people for fun.

_TJB3121 _TJB3155 _TJB3202 _TJB3207

Red Bull X-Fighters returned to the Union Buildings this past weekend for the fourth stop on the 2015 World Tour. I arrived a few days early, met the course builders and shot portraits of the international sculptors. The rest of the images are pretty much an assortment of action from the weekend. Congratulations to Tom Pagés of France for putting together flawless runs all day and making himself untouchable. Check out these links for all the real info written by those in the know – I’m just about the eye candy 😉










Taka Higashino (JAP)
















XF_ZA_PAGE_TB_0246 Tom Pages (FRA)  XF_ZA_PAGE_TB_0248   Maikel Melero (ESP) 

Tom Pages (FRA)


I’ve been getting pretty frustrated lately. Stuck in a rut of self doubt and clouded direction feeding the retched low self esteem monster. My comfort zone being too familiar and therefore stifling. Examining the relationship between ambition and ego and whether all of these thoughts are actually worth giving a fuck about at all. Where’s the balance between play and success and what does success even mean? It’s all so tiresome and I remind myself to take it all with a pinch of salt and return my focus to the smell and touch of the present.

So I decided to change things up and shoot some analogue again. The fact Thoban Jappie from Mobile Media Mob had a Leica M6 with 35mm and 50mm lenses for me made me, well rather excited and motivated to say the least. Red Bull had a basketball event called King of the Rock which took place Constitution Hill in Johannesburg which I got to cover. Craig Kolesky was the official photographer so I was totally freed up to just shoot what I wanted. Now I know these cameras are status symbols and all that but what’s really got me sold was the whole range finder experience. It’s so different to my DSLR. The experience of taking the photos became so much fun. Then there’s the anxiety of waiting to see if any of the pics came out. I woke up on Sunday morning feeling hungover and only later realised my drained state was from having to pay so much attention to what I was doing the whole day. The slow process of each shot was a great departure from usual habits and I’m pretty damn psyched on how many shots I got that I like.

You can see the Red Bull feature here which includes Thoban Jappie‘s first event edit which I think its terrific. Can’t wait to see what he does next. He has a great way of interpreting ideas and conceptualising really engaging content. Now back to me and the results:

TB_20150629_KOTR_0001 TB_20150629_KOTR_0002 TB_20150629_KOTR_0003 TB_20150629_KOTR_0004 TB_20150629_KOTR_0005 TB_20150629_KOTR_0006 TB_20150629_KOTR_0007 Graci Kibikiabo Cristian Kabasele - Second place TB_20150629_KOTR_0010 TB_20150629_KOTR_0011 TB_20150629_KOTR_0012 TB_20150629_KOTR_0013 Kevin Romenoh - Winner TB_20150629_KOTR_0015 Kevin Romenoh - Winner TB_20150629_KOTR_0017 TB_20150629_KOTR_0018 TB_20150629_KOTR_0019 TB_20150629_KOTR_0020 TB_20150629_KOTR_0021 TB_20150629_KOTR_0022 TB_20150629_KOTR_0023 TB_20150629_KOTR_0024 TB_20150629_KOTR_0025 TB_20150629_KOTR_0026 TB_20150629_KOTR_0027 TB_20150629_KOTR_0028 TB_20150629_KOTR_0029 TB_20150629_KOTR_0030 TB_20150629_KOTR_0031 TB_20150629_KOTR_0032 TB_20150629_KOTR_0033 TB_20150629_KOTR_0034 TB_20150629_KOTR_0035 TB_20150629_KOTR_0036 TB_20150629_KOTR_0037 TB_20150629_KOTR_0038 Cristian Kabasele - Second place Cristian Kabasele - Second place TB_20150629_KOTR_0041 TB_20150629_KOTR_0042 TB_20150629_KOTR_0043 Cristian Kabasele - Second place TB_20150629_KOTR_0045 TB_20150629_KOTR_0046 TB_20150629_KOTR_0047

26 06 2015

Durban’s infamous videographer, DOP, ex video editor and stubborn “intellectual” Jimmy Reynolds likes planes and windy cliffs. Here’s proof:

TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0017 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0026 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0035 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0039 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0053 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0141 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0143 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0149 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0165 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0175 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0195 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0227 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0232 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0237 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0284 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0292 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0332 TB_20150604_JIM_PLANE_0359

14 05 2015

Some headshot from the first Instagram #CPTnaaitz evening we had last week. Basically a couple of us roaming the streets at night taking photos. Check out the hashtag in instagram. Rad

_TJB6380 _TJB6397 _TJB6411 _TJB6420 _TJB6439 _TJB6442